Waldorf Pulse2 - soundset by Inspire Audio

Waldorf Pulse2 preset soundset done

September 17th

Waldorf has released the Pulse 2 analog synthesizer, a “cutting-edge reincarnation of the company’s Pulse series”. And I am happy to announce, that I have done the preset sounddesign among other highly acclaimed sounddesigners.

The Sound designers (also mentioned in the manual) of the new presets (not sure aboutthe Pulse 1 ones) with initials (used with the patch names) in brackets are:

– Stefan Stenzel (hard- + software developer and CEO, no initials)
– Jürgen Driessen (JD)
– Christian Gritzner (CG)
– Till Kopper (TEK)
– Dirk Krause (DK)
– Rob Lee (RL)
– Ingo Weidner (IW)

I also did a demosong for the pulse2 the same way i did the one for the rocket synthesizer, all sounds are take from the pulse2 !

Inspire Audio @ Youtube
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