Inspire Audio - The Mad Sax - sample library

The Mad Sax

Inspire Audio is proud to present “The Mad Sax”! A fine collection of abstract & weird saxophone loops. “The Mad Sax” is designed to fit a wide array of electronic music styles, dedicated to the highlight of Deep House, Funky House, Nu Jazz and Chill out music. As the name suggests “The Mad Sax” concentrates on all sorts of abstract, weird, crazy and out of the ordinary sax loops. Every sax loop was recorded and processed by an industry professional using the highest quality gear. Layer the sax loops within your arrangement, or use them as the key element for your next club track, everything you need is here! Each sax loop contains note, (C, C#, D, D#, etc.), in both major and minor and the tempo!

If you’re looking for a unique, out of ordinary House Sax sample pack for Deep House, Funky House, Chill out music, Afro, Latin House, Nu Jazz, then take a listen to the demo song or download the free samples.

This collection comes in at 525 MB, and contains 250 Sax loops arranged in 122 and 125 B.p.m.

All sounds in the demo are samples from the mad sax except the bassline taken from the Inspire Audio Sylenth Big Room pack and the drumming taken from various Inspire Audio packs.

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