[IA013] Inspire Audio Secret Ingredients Vol. 1

Inspire Audio Secret Ingredients Vol.1 – 34.99€ (incl. VAT)

Inspire Audio Secret Ingredients Vol.1 is an inspiring collection of royalty free loops and snippets aimed to techno producers worldwide. All samples were created using a fine selection of old and new analog drum machines and synths. All recorded and processed through a wide range of high end gear such as Massive Passive EQ. Lots of the samples have slight variation in tuning and decay. Also included are a bunch of analog and digital sourced layering and athmospheric tools which are the secret ingredient that often give your production that certain flair or own character, but which aren’t that easy to build without required know-how, appropriate technology and time. The samples of this specialized library can be used as accompanying loops, thicken sounds, FX or athmo sounds, one-shots and far more.Hundreds of eproms were flashed, dozens of sounds sampled with the L9000 to get that old school 8 BIT charming sound.

Tech spec:

468 Drum loops in 125 bpm.
63 PAD loops in 125 bpm.
163 Synth loops in 125 bpm.
16 Athmos snippets.
677 Bass Drum snippets.
244 Chord snippets.
256 Clap snippets.
60 Cymbal snippets.
41 Devil 303 snippets.
45 FX snippets.
279 Hi Hat snippets.
366 Percussion snippets.
136 Snare Drum snippets.

Format WAV, 24BIT, the total download size of zip file is 1,79GB.


APPLE loops in 125 bpm (Format AIFF, 24BIT, the total download size of zip file is 1,05GB).
REX Files in 125 bpm (Format REX, 24BIT, the total download size of zip file is 1,05GB).
EXS24 (EXS24/Apple Logic Studio required, the total download size of zip file is 762KB).
KONTAKT MONOLITH (Kontakt 4 or later required,the total download size of zip file is 755MB).

Machines used:

Linn 9000, LM-2, ClapTrap, Oberheim Prommer, DMX, RZ1, DDD1, TR9090, 808, CR78, DR55, Volca Beats, Kick Lancet, Moisturizer , 2-Pole , Minimoog, 303, LEPLOOP, Monotribe , CZ 5000, Patchblocks, TX7 , some D.I.Y. Projects and a lot more…

A must-have for techno fans, but also an awesome repertory for sound-experimentalists.

So check the demo and enjoy Secret Ingredients Vol.1.




Oberheim Prommer9000-1Roland TR505CZ5000-1electron2-1DDD1-1dmx-1Studio Jürgen Driessen 2013l2-3-1

Knas - Ekdahl Moisturizer

9090Mochika-1Linn LM-2

memory man-1lexicon1-1MiniMoogADDAC601 VC Fixed FilterbankStudio Driessen 2012 Studio Driessen 2012monotribe-1Teenage Engineering OP-1zwerg-1zwerg2-1





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