Inspire Audio - Loops & Snippets Vol.1 - sample library

Inspire Audio Loops & Snippets Vol.1 released

Loops & Snippets Vol.1 was created by Germany based well-known producer Jürgen Driessen who puts his studio knowledge and sense for igniting sounds into his next sample collection, packed with 120 precious loops and 260 single snippets. Apart from a multitude of versatile loops this library includes a special collection of snippets taken from various analog synthesizers and drumcomputers. Most of the sounds were recorded and processed with analogue equipment using tricks like side chain or parallels compression, 8 / 12 bit converters or self-made SansAmp. All samples are “ready to use”. It’s rarely been as easy to build modern deep to tech house tracks as with „Loops & Snippets Vol.1“.

Catalogue No.: IA003
Releasedate: 01.02.2012
Price: 14.98€ Download (incl. VAT) at

Download PDF Productinfo

Tech Specs
  • 494 MB Sample Pack
  • 24-bit Wavs
  • 19 Weird Loops
  • 09 Percussion Loops
  • 11 Synth Loops
  • 48 Tech House Loops
  • 41 Tops And Tweak Loops
  • 60 Bass Drum Snippets
  • 60 Clap Snippets
  • 40 Hi Hat Snippets
  • 100 Percussion Snippets
  • 128 Rex2 Loops
  • 128 Apple Loops
  • 10 EXS Soft Sampler PatcheS
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