[IA018] Diamond Vocals Vol.2 – 39.98€ (incl. VAT)

[IA011] Diamond Vocals Vol.2

Inspire Audio releases Diamond Vocals Vol.2 featuring professional studio singers as well as promising talents were available. A wide spectrum of very different vocal recordings is presented, which not only offers a great selection in a stylistically way, but also impresses with its use of differences in effects. The material includes a repertoire of completely, direct usuable hooklines, backgrounds from raps and shouts to adlips and vocodervoices. All of them processed with a widespread spectrum of effects, from hall, reverb, chorus, delay to pitchshift and distortion and to lldryll/ raw vocals. However the use of these effects is only in such a specific scale, that it still allows an own creative influence to the user. All samples are categorized with tempo and key.

Diamond Vocals features all the material produced by, intinially released by Mutekki Media. Now avaiblabe at Inspire Audio.

Programming & Editing:
Baggy Bukaddor & Karsten Dubsch

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